Business Dissolution in Miami

No one launches a business as a temporary activity; the goal is always to build and grow and open up the market. Growth is the keystone of any business plan, and sometimes the hardest part about business dissolution in Miami and elsewhere in Florida is the initial decision to close. Admitting that a business has failed can be psychologically difficult.

This often means that by the time your client comes to you for assistance in a tumultuous or hostile business dissolution in Miami, the relationship between them and their partners, investors, or creditors is already severely strained. Mediation is frequently the best path for asserting your clients’ rights and guiding them through the maze of ending or restructuring a business amicably and efficiently while avoiding the added stress and expense of litigation.

Educate Your Client

Your client needs to know the process that must be followed in business dissolution in Miami, from having the shareholders vote, to filing the Certificate of Dissolution with the State, to ensuring the taxes are settled properly, notifying creditors, settling all claims, and finally, distributing assets.

Litigation at the end of a business most commonly arises from tax issues, creditor claims, and disputes among principals and other insiders. A qualified mediator familiar with both the tax code and business law in Florida can help settle any financial claims against the business quickly, affordably and privately. Mediation can also be of great help in the case of former business partners, passive investors, or even family members who are shareholders disagreeing with the decision to end the business or disputing the settlements and distributions it results in.

The end of a business can be a trying experience, but the sooner it is accomplished, the sooner your clients can regroup and launch their next exciting venture. Mediation is almost always a quicker, cheaper and more flexible way to wind up or restructure a failed or failing business.


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