Civil Litigation of Commercial Business Disputes

As a Florida commercial business litigation attorney, you understand your busy clients have very little tolerance for activities which needlessly consume their time and money. When disputes arise from commercial and business transactions, the prospect of lengthy litigation is a potential black hole for your client’s money and time. For many such clients the very thought of having disputes linger unresolved in the court system for months or years is unacceptable.
An unresolved dispute will require your clients to use their business capital to fund attorneys fees and costs. It will also require your client and often their key personnel to sacrifice valuable time attending discovery sessions, sitting through motion calendars and evidentiary hearings, or otherwise attending legal proceedings which appear to the client to be a drain of valuable time. The time and money your client spends on an unresolved dispute is time and money taken away from profitable business activity.

As the principal of Francis L. Carter, Esq., I have the ability as a full-time mediator and settlement counselor to offer your clients a better alternative. I have mediated more than a thousand cases covering all types of commercial business disputes. Almost all the cases I have mediated have one common factor shared by all the parties. The parties didn’t want drawn out drama, they wanted resolution.

There is a perception that Americans are litigious. I view this as a misperception, especially among business people. Most people wish to avoid the litigation process. In most cases prompt and efficient resolution of business disputes cries out for the intervention of a neutral professional able to help the parties reach a resolution. With over 40 years of commercial business law experience, I can help your clients reach a resolution expediently and in a cost effective manner, either by acting as a neutral mediator to help all parties find a resolution, or by acting as a settlement counselor to assist trial counsel  in  preparing for and negotiating at a mediation conference. Your clients will be grateful to you for saving them the money, time and aggravation involved with traditional business litigation, and everyone can get back to the business of doing business. To schedule a mediation call Francis Carter (305) 776-9143 or email [email protected]

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