Contract Dispute Resolution

Contract disputes require a proactive response to assist all contracting parties involved to reach a timely resolution. Typically, when legal disputes arise in Florida, parties have the option of using consensual dispute resolution techniques, such as mediation, to resolve the issue. They are not necessarily giving up their chance to take the matter to court or to trial, but they are first attempting a resolution that is less expensive, less time-consuming, and less adversarial than litigation.

Complex contract dispute resolution in Florida requires a great deal of flexibility and willingness to negotiate. The longer the litigation process takes, the more expensive it becomes, so if the parties can be convinced that it is their best interests to compromise, mediation is usually more beneficial than litigation. Experienced contract dispute resolution professionals, such as mediator Francis Carter, are able to frame an issue in a manner that encourages both sides of the dispute to participate in finding a consensual resolution that addresses the needs of all parties.

Working with Francis Carter means you are working with a dispute resolution professional who is creative, innovative, and experienced in dealing with the issues at hand. This can mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful attempt to resolve a dispute. Call him today at 305-776-9143 for more information or to schedule a mediation.
Francis Carter has successfully mediated numerous business divorce cases and helped businesses with their dissolution process. He can help your business, too, as a mediator or as a settlement counselor to help the principals find an amicable, consensual resolution. Contact him today at 305-776-9143 or at [email protected] to schedule a mediation or a consultation.

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