Common Setbacks Florida Commercial/ Business Litigation Attorneys Face

As an attorney in Florida, you understand that litigation almost always takes longer than predicted, much to the frustration and disappointment of your clients. Florida commercial litigation attorneys also face some delays and setbacks during the representation of their clients. Whether your Florida practice is just beginning to accept commercial business litigation cases or whether you have significant experience in this area, taking note of these issues will strengthen your skills as a practicing attorney.

Although commercial litigation is perceived by many attorneys as a relatively less emotional area of legal practice, the truth is, many of these cases are rife with emotion, especially if multiple family members are involved in a dispute. Such emotions may cause a case to drag out for months or years. In many business disputes, the parties involved have dedicated years of their lives to their companies, and when an issue arises, it can quickly become heated. As a commercial litigation attorney, you must be conscious of the emotions involved as you discuss resolutions with your clients. Although you must remain objective, you must also be sensitive to the difficult time your client may be having.

Business litigation often involves dozens of parties or witnesses. Commercial disputes do not arise in a vacuum, and those involved may be located throughout the country. Tracking down necessary witnesses, serving parties with notice of the lawsuit, and scheduling depositions and court hearings are lengthy processes when numerous individuals are involved.

In Florida, disputes in business litigation often become complex, and may be confusing even to attorneys with decades of experience. Because these cases must be approached as if they will ultimately go to trial, consulting with experts is often necessary. Locating appropriate expert witnesses and studying their reports and preparing them to testify may take months.


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