Directors and Officers Liability Litigation

Civil law suits filed against directors and officers of companies, especially public companies,  alleging mismanagement or wrongdoing may expose the parties and the corporation they serve and manage to bad publicity.  This can be damaging, sometimes undeservedly so, to the reputations of both the individuals named as defendants and also to the corporation itself by diminishing the value of its publicly traded securities and of its brand in the marketplace. Mediation, a private and confidential process, is particularly well suited to resolving directors and officers liability litigation. The swift and cost-effective resolution that mediation can provide is beneficial to all parties to the litigation.

Francis Carter, a mediator who has had vast experience in litigating and mediating business disputes of all kinds can help you resolve your directors and officers liability suit through a consensual settlement negotiated at a mediation. Call Francis Carter (305) 776-9143 or email [email protected]  to schedule a mediation.

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