Improving Client Relations with Foreclosure Mediation in Miami

Losing a home to foreclosure is devastating and embarrassing for many homeowners.  Attorneys that represent these clients must not only inform them of their legal rights throughout this difficult process, but also must remain sensitive to the fact that these clients are possibly losing their homes.  Foreclosure mediation in Miami Florida allows these clients to resolve their cases quickly while saving money.  In some cases, foreclosure is completely avoided.  When you suggest foreclosure mediation in Miami Florida, your clients will benefit and they will reward you with many referrals.

Foreclosure mediation allows your clients to stay in their homes while the case proceeds, an option they will no doubt appreciate.  Most homeowners are convinced that they will quickly lose their homes during foreclosure proceedings, but when you demonstrate that this is not always the case, they will be relieved and grateful.

Many clients also think that they have no other options besides foreclosure.  However, explaining the foreclosure mediation process to them and informing them that they may have the opportunity to negotiate with the lender will bring your clients significant peace of mind.  Most individuals are unaware that foreclosure may be entirely avoided with mediation.

Foreclosure mediation allows you to work closely with your clients, fostering the attorney-client relationship.  In trials and other hearings, the strategy of the proceeding is left to your discretion.  In mediation, however, the client has a say in how the matter proceeds.  When clients have a chance to voice their concerns and dictate how they would like to see the case resolved, they are more satisfied with your representation.

In a time where most individuals think attorneys are only after their money, mediation foreclosure allows you the opportunity to prove them wrong by offering them cheaper, faster, more flexible solutions to their foreclosure cases.


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