International Business Litigation

In an integrated world economy just as business operations and transactions routinely cross national borders, so too do disputes arising from international trade and business. The same factors that make mediation desirable in resolving purely domestic business litigation make it an equally desirable means to resolve cross-border business disputes and cross-border civil litigation, some of which may involve multiple jurisdictions and legal systems, as well as differing business practices and cultural sensibilities. As with domestic cases, through mediation international business litigation cases can be settled quickly, cost-effectively, privately and confidentially. A mediated settlement, unlike a judicial verdict, also offers the parties the possibility to repair and preserve what may be a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Francis Carter has extensive experience in mediating international and cross-border disputes and is sensitive to cultural differences between parties. Call Francis Carter (305) 776-9143 or email [email protected]  to schedule a mediation.

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