Issues that Arise in Business Divorces in Miami Florida

Experienced business attorneys know that business divorces in Miami Florida are one of the most difficult ordeals business owners face.  Each case brings with it a unique set of facts and circumstances, causing business divorces in Miami Florida to vary from relatively straightforward and amicable to complicated, heated disagreements.  Anticipating difficulties that may arise during business divorces will strengthen your practice and ensure better results for your clients.

Although business divorces are primarily between the partners of a company, you must make sure that employees are treated fairly as a business is being dissolved.  Often, employees are not prioritized properly in such matters, which may lead to further problems for your clients down the road.

Business partners must also make sure that their dealings with lenders and banks are handled appropriately.  In any business, there are a number of liabilities present, such as mortgage payments and business loans.  Often, the partners disagree as to how these liabilities should be resolved, complicating the business divorce process.  The partners may argue as to which debts should be paid off first, or they may disagree as to how the debts should be paid.

Many business partners procrastinate during the business divorce process, which may cause substantial delays in the case.  After working for decades in a company, these partners are reluctant to let the business go.  You must be prepared to be firm but compassionate with your clients.  Clients must know that they may face significant sanctions if they cause unreasonable delays in a case.

These events are just a few of the difficulties that you and your clients may face as you proceed through a business divorce in Miami Florida.  However, handling such matters quickly and thoroughly will protect your clients and assist with resolving these business divorces as amicably as possible.


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