Practice Areas

Bankruptcy Litigation

Bankruptcy mediation promotes consensual settlements that help you save time and money. An experienced South Florida bankruptcy mediator like Francis L. Carter is a neutral third-party who can help debtors and creditors resolve their disputes in an amicable, equitable and cost-efficient manner.

Business Divorce

Whether you are involved in a business partnership, limited partnership, corporation, or limited liability company to operate your business, a business divorce occurs when there is serious disagreement between owners about the way to run the business.

Civil Litigation of Commercial Business Disputes

As a Florida commercial business litigation attorney, you understand your busy clients have very little tolerance for activities which needlessly consume their time and money.

Consumer Class Action Litigation

Consumer class actions, civil suits brought by a class representative on behalf of numerous individuals alleging fraud or the sale of defective goods or services, are almost always resolved by a negotiated settlement and are rarely brought to trial.

Contract Dispute Resolution

Contract disputes require a proactive response to assist all contracting parties involved to reach a timely resolution. Typically, when legal disputes arise in Florida, parties have the option of using consensual dispute resolution techniques...

Directors and Officers Liability Litigation

Civil law suits filed against directors and officers of companies, especially public companies, alleging mismanagement or wrongdoing may expose the parties and the corporation they serve and manage to bad publicity.

Intellectual Property Litigation

Disputes involving the ownership and right to use intellectual property, including compensation for damages caused by unauthorized use or infringement, are often the subject of litigation.

International Business Litigation

In an integrated world economy just as business operations and transactions routinely cross national borders, so too do disputes arising from international trade and business.

Real Estate and Mortgage Foreclosure Litigation

Issues related to debt and equity interests in real property in Florida and elsewhere can become extremely complex.

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Bankruptcy Mediation is a treatise published by the American Bankruptcy Institute