The Benefits of Mediating Business Disputes in Florida

Most attorneys are familiar with the major benefits of mediation for their clients: it is cheaper than a trial, it is a more efficient means of resolving the case, it often settles the case much more quickly, and it is much less stressful for both the parties and the attorneys.  Most clients will welcome any opportunity to avoid a courtroom trial.

However, mediation offers business disagreements many advantages that are exclusive to commercial disputes.  Many attorneys have sought the assistance of a disputes mediator in Florida to successfully mediate various types of business disagreements.

Whether a business is small or of an international nature, business disputes often take some of the most important executives and owners in the company away from their daily duties for a significant period of time.  These important individuals lose precious time managing the company and making major deals when they become tangled up in litigation.  Since mediation will settle the case much more quickly, it will allow these individuals to get back to their jobs as soon as possible.

Many clients think that when a dispute arises, a lawsuit must be filed for further action to be taken.  Many attorneys also wait until a case has been filed to pursue mediation.  However, for certain cases, especially where privacy is important, you and opposing counsel should attempt to mediate the case as soon as possible.  In this way, the parties are not named in formal court documents, preserving the reputation of the companies.

Although many businesses have procedures in place for managing disputes, on some occasions disagreements arise that are not covered by business policies.  In this event, mediation can be used to resolve not only the current dispute between the parties, but it can also be used to determine how future disputes will be handled.


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