Will Mediation Stop My Client’s Foreclosure?

A client can easily become consumed with fears over losing their Miami home to foreclosure. If you’ve spent any time researching how to move forward with the case, you’re likely wondering whether mediation can help stop their Miami foreclosure. The good news is that many people have been able to use mediation to stop the foreclosure of their home, and mediation tends to help people reach an agreement with the lender sooner rather than later.

As foreclosure conversations become more serious, it’s a good idea to attempt to resolve outstanding issues before it becomes too late. That’s where you might suggest mediation to your client. Mediation can help accomplish the goal of stopping a foreclosure while reducing the time and money invested in fighting the problem.

One of the primary benefits of foreclosure mediation in Miami is that it’s private. So any settlement offers that are on the table or any details related to your client’s compromises and decision-making with the lender are private. This gives many individuals a chance to breathe and not remain burdened by fear about the future of their home.

Bear in mind that the bank is under no obligation to settle, but there are many cases where the lender may be willing to work things out in exchange for being able to return a loan in default to performing status. Lenders have to expend time and energy to handle foreclosures, so you may be surprised at the bank’s willingness to work out some kind of agreement with your client.

Contact an experienced Miami foreclosure mediator today to get started with alternative dispute resolution efforts. Don’t let a client’s anxiety persist over a Miami foreclosure situation; get insight from an alternative dispute resolution practitioner before it’s too late to save the home.


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